March 16, 2013

Featured on " Cherish Live Dream" by Nayana Donga.

January 6, 2013

The Table with a story!

 I love a piece of furniture that has a story.This is an old door that has be converted into dinning table.

December 16, 2012

The Travel Wall.....

I love the idea of a travel wall.... It reminds you of all the beautiful places you've seen and makes you want to travel to the others not explored....

November 25, 2012

The Mehaman Suite.

                                             Rest the weary legs.

                                               A touch  of Rajasthan.

November 20, 2012

Cozy corner in the Kitchen.

Love the idea of having a seating area in the kitchen.

November 18, 2012

The Wall

The new favorite we head into the winter.